Crafting Path-Breaking Brand & Communication Strategies To Enhance Brand Equity

Print Advertising

Our path-breaking print advertising campaigns in newspapers and magazines come with business acumen and imagination and deliver unique and engaging experiences for every brand. We create idea-driven advertising communications, keeping in mind the culture, knowledge of the target audience, business and consumer needs and current trends. We deal with media planning and buying for newspapers, magazines, journals and all kinds of print media.

Television Advertising

Television advertising depicts connection. And, this connection should be strong. At AEM Marcom, we build brands by managing TV spot buying, sponsorship ads, bands, sponsor shows, in-show branding, etc. Through apt communications, we help businesses gain a large customers base.

Radio Jingles

The start and the end of the radio jingle are essential to help a brand establish in the market. A good radio jingle can do a miracle! The creative team at AEM Marcom makes radio advertising unique, catchy, fun, and, most importantly, memorable. On the other side, our planning team gets busy every day with proper radio spot buying, non FCT promotion planning , and innovation.

Outdoor Advertising

Like print, TV and radio advertising, our outdoor advertising, too, delivers an impactful reach to the targeted audience with the right frequency, creativity and consistency. We make outdoor advertising stand out through optimum use of the perfect strategic location of traditional front-lit, backlit billboard, digital hoarding, bus shelter, kiosks and innovations. Based on your current marketing and advertising goals and brand’s needs, we provide you with appropriate outdoor advertising.


A business cannot exist without an identity, and without a proper identity creation, a brand cannot survive. Branding does not just mean logo designing or awe-inspiring tagline. Our comprehensive branding services include effective selection, and communication messages through in-shop branding, product placement, merchandising, tricycle branding, auto branding, cab branding, and bus branding. The unique style of positioning and placement helps your brand seize the best opportunities at the right time.

Premium Branding

We transform ordinary products into brands. We also bring luxury and aesthetics to brands catered to high-end people. To take your lifestyle to the next level, we provide premium branding services for luxury cars, real estate companies, ultra-premium fashion brands through in-flight branding and airport branding.

Social & Digital Media Advertising

We help brands get upgraded through the perfect mix of data, technology and smart content. Our insight-driven mobile app advertising, online advertising, social media advertising come with quirky ideas and meaningful content that help your brand achieve a competitive edge in the market.

PR and Media Coverage

When it comes to taking charge of PR and media, team AEM Marcom has proved its diligence and credibility. We plan your brand’s communication strategies and media platform meticulously. Our team handles press conferences; interacts with media from time to time.

Communication Services

Team AEM Marcom is the powerhouse of 360-degree communications. We help businesses reach a larger audience through developing messages and communication strategies for bulk SMS, WhatsApp messaging services, E-mailers, Voice based solutions and interactive solutions and gain high ROI.

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